The development in recent years of technologies and processes that allow access to a larger number of customers has made the control of value chain processes key to optimising the performance, resource efficiency, impact and sustainability of companies.


To find cutting-edge technological solutions that help manufacturers and distributors to optimise and improve the different stages of their value chain, from the collection and treatment of raw materials, to the traceability of products from their origin to the end consumer, distribution processes, etc.


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Robotics and AI for process automation and optimisation

The increase in production and the number of processes, together with the growing focus on sustainability, have made it essential to automate stages of the value chain in order to increase efficiency. The rapid development of technology in the field of robotics and AI has led to the incorporation of intelligent robots wherever processes can be automated to create value and improve performance.

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Sustainable logistics and product traceability

The growing commitment to the circular economy and sustainability requires greater control of the products and processes involved in the entire value chain. Controlling the life cycle of products from raw material production to storage and distribution, as well as reverse logistics of packaging and waste recovery are key in this area. There are more and more technologies focused on solving these challenges.

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Process and resource optimization through data analysis

The adoption of automation of the stages of the value chain allows companies to obtain more data from which to extract metrics and indicators to optimise processes. Technologies such as dynamic pricing based on historical and external data, perishable food management based on expiry date, optimal stock control, etc. have been developed.

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Innovation in e-commerce and delivery

The proliferation of online sales has increased the demand for last-mile transport and distribution resources, which, together with traffic restrictions in city centres, is a challenge for many companies. New technologies such as drones, autonomous vehicles and the implementation of route optimisation algorithms are being introduced to solve the challenges that the growth of this channel is causing.

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